2005 School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston MA


2017 Josh Spivack exhibits at Love Art Gallery in Norwalk, Connecticut 

2016 Josh Spivack Solo Exhibit Aspö, Sweden 

2015 The Rise Of Sneaker Culture featuring a sneaker by Josh Wisdumb Spivack at The Brooklyn Museum - Brooklyn, NY 2013 

2014 Slice of Life gallery Josh Spivack Solo Exhibit Malmö, Sweden

Connecting The Motion Of Ideas Josh Wisdumb Spivack Solo Exhibition Gallery 360- Boston, MA 2013 

Out of the Box Exhibition Featuring Sneaker by Josh Wisdumb Spivack at the Bata Shoe Museum - Toronto, Canada 

2009 *Inkcronization Grand - Somerville, MA 

2005 Sneaker Pimps NY World Touring custom sneaker, hip-hop, & street art culture exhibition - Featured: live painting performance & custom designed sneakers - Manhattan, NY Sneaker Pimps Boston - Boston, MA


2005 HELIO/ALT TERRAIN 30’x 30’ mural for HELIO mobile phone guerrilla marketing campaign - SOWA Art District, Boston MA 

Tagur Sneaker customization for Tagur traveling exhibition 2004 New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc. & Josh Wisdumb Collaboration: custom design for 1st edition of New Balance limited release “Artist Series” sneaker collections (Josh Wisdumb NB 574 AE)


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