2005 School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts, Boston MA


2016 Josh Spivack Solo Exhibit Aspö, Sweden 

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2014 Slice of Life gallery Josh Spivack Solo Exhibit Malmö, Sweden

Connecting The Motion Of Ideas Josh Wisdumb Spivack Solo Exhibition Gallery 360- Boston, MA 2013 

Out of the Box Exhibition Featuring Sneaker by Josh Wisdumb Spivack at the Bata Shoe Museum - Toronto, Canada 

2009 *Inkcronization Grand - Somerville, MA 

2005 Sneaker Pimps NY World Touring custom sneaker, hip-hop, & street art culture exhibition - Featured: live painting performance & custom designed sneakers - Manhattan, NY Sneaker Pimps Boston - Boston, MA


2005 HELIO/ALT TERRAIN 30’x 30’ mural for HELIO mobile phone guerrilla marketing campaign - SOWA Art District, Boston MA 

Tagur Sneaker customization for Tagur traveling exhibition 2004 New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc. & Josh Wisdumb Collaboration: custom design for 1st edition of New Balance limited release “Artist Series” sneaker collections (Josh Wisdumb NB 574 AE)


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